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Infor FMS SunSystems v5
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    Infor FMS SunSystems

    Infor FMS SunSystems

    Financial information drives your business decisions. You measure success or failure through concrete data that you collect, measure, and analyze through your finance and accounting system.

    You need a solution that helps you:

    • Close your books quickly and accurately.
    • Automate processes and reduce costs.
    • Meet all global financial regulatory requirements.
    • Deliver faster and better reporting and analysis to your management team.
    • Evaluate new opportunities rapidly.
    • Enable your global operations.

    You get immediate access to all of your information through Infor FMS SunSystems' financial modules, which help you make quick, effective decisions and deliver best in class financial management to your organization.

    Over eight thousand customers in more than 170 countries know that Infor FMS SunSystems can help you run your business better every day, make more confident decisions, and do more with what you already have.

    Infor FMS SunSystems can help you to:

    • Integrate financial and operational data.
    • Create a consistent and auditable financial environment.
    • Analyze your business and create reports in real-time.
    • Cut costs and work more efficiently.

    The result: You'll cut costs, reduce risk, and add permanent value to your business.

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