Lane Monson

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Lane Monson joined Infor in April 2008, bringing 25 years of field sales, inside sales, and channel sales experience in the technology sector. He is best known for his ability to build successful software selling teams and for developing strong sales leaders. His ten years in sales and sales management at IBM gave him a solid foundation upon which he has built his career. Because Monson was part of two startup organizations, he's developed the ability to make critical business decisions quickly, and to function well while wearing multiple hats.

As the leader and visionary of Infor's Inside Sales initiative, Monson has built a world-class management team and expanded his organization from just 10 employees to the global powerhouse it is today.

By focusing relentlessly on regular customer contact and better service, Monson aims to strengthen Infor's relationships with every customer. As his team continues to grow and mature, they will create new and better ways to provide product and services offerings that will help Infor customers become more competitive by improving margins, increasing employee productivity, and increasing efficiencies.